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Access a wide range of facts across multiple subjects, promoting continuous learning.

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         Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand while drawing with the other.

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Enrich your interactions with captivating facts, sparking engaging discussions and connections.

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Fuel your curiosity and exploration with daily facts, inspiring deeper dives into intriguing topics.


This app's ideal for those eager to expand their knowledge. I now learn daily and share fun facts with loved ones. You can pick fact topics, customize wallpaper, and even change the app icon. A must-have for knowledge seekers!


I love this app for unique facts. Never see repeats! Fun sharing facts with family, like daily , equals 30 mins eyes closed! Favorites aren't sorted by recent, so old gems are easy to find. The random fact notifications are genius. Highly recommend for learning! 💡


I've had this app for many years and it’s still giving me new facts every day. I love that every fact can be backed up by tapping the “I” information button. The backgrounds are really pretty.


I love this app because the facts that I receive, I find very interesting. Plus, they’re not really stuffy; they’re cool and interesting! I love that I can use the widget on my lock screen and be able to get the facts, quick and easy!


Nothing like learning something new every day, and it doesn’t matter the intelligence level, not a single human knows all the facts provided by this App! Amazing.


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Learn fascinating, unique facts and amaze others with your vast knowledge base.
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get Facts on
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Learn fascinating, unique facts and amaze others with your vast knowledge base.
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